Style Guides

Style Guides

Get the best style guides for your business and ensure consistency in your brand’s identity. When it comes to presenting your business online, there can be two main results – a customer takes action or they get bored and bounce from your website as fast as they can.

Your Business Growth has the best style guide for your brand. We have a team of expert content creators who will go above and beyond to deliver creative and impactful for you.

Face it – you need a stunning website and impressive content layout for your website. Otherwise, all your visitors won’t last more than a minute on your site. 

Style guides are vital for online businesses. How else will your potential customers identify your services or products when there are other sellers in the market?

If you are looking for consistency in your brand, contact us now.

What is Style Guides

A style guide is a document that provides the standard requirements that define your brand. These might include colors, fonts, imagery, etc.

Yes, you could go experimenting on your website by dragging and dropping images, widgets, and colors. But you will be wasting time and the results will be catastrophic.

The main reason with all the successful businesses or brand use style guides is one – consistency. It is how you ensure that every member of your team is on the same page. The guide aligns all departments in your business towards one goal.

At Your Business Growth, we have a robust team of creatives and developers who will help you create the best style guide for your business. We want to help you attract new customers and retain the ones you already have.

We define clear instructions on what can be used and how it should be used.

How does it work

How many times have you noticed a strange-looking image, font, or color on a website? Did you continue scrolling on the website after that?

A style guide is an essential part of every successful business’s design and content. It will help everyone that your company is on the same page when it comes to representing your brand.

In case you are not sure where to start, don’t fret. We will help you through the basics and why you need it.

An effective style guide is not something that any amateur designer can make. You need experts to plan a style guide for you and your business.

The plan containing all patterns and elements of your website is what we call a style guide. We just step in to help you communicate your story, tone, and intent in an inspiring way.

The process of structuring involves:

  • Understanding your vision – We want to see your objectives from your perspective so that we can bring them to life.
  • Competitor analysis – What are your competitors using? How can we capitalize on it?
  • Research – Gather intelligence on your potential customers and what they prefer when it comes to visuals and content i.e colors, fonts, layouts
  • Work on the style guide – After we are sure of what your business needs, we will get started on the style guide. We also operate:
  • Logos – In various formats and sizes
  • Colour palettes – We indicate the different colors applicable to y0our website, with their specific function
  • White space – How much white space is to be left for every page or post.
  • Font details – The size, height, gap, strength, shadows, effects, etc
  • Layouts and grids – Specifications on what goes where.
  • Copywriting style guide – Content structure, language style, keywords, etc
  • Videos and images – Formats, size, alternative text guidelines
  • Email signature

Of course, you maintain control over the style guide, we are just here to fulfil your wishes. So we will always keep you updated and consult your feedback to ensure you are satisfied.

Why should I use it?

How your customer views your business affects whether they will share your site with others or not. If they are impressed, better believe that they will tell their friends or family about your brand.

Anything that alters your customer’s perception of your brand must be consd4red in the style guide.

Fortunately for you, Your Business Growth has a team of designers & content-creating experts who will help to boost your online business.

The key to successful branding is consistency. It is impactful and many thriving fortune companies have used this secret to create sustainable businesses.

So, what do you have to gain from outsourcing style guides to us:

Build trust and credibility – Potential customers are likely to trust your products or services when you have a consistent website or app.

The defined tone for your brand – You establish an identifiable language and content format that your customers can relate to. More so, a tone that supports the intention of your business.

Boost productivity – Your staff works better when they are working towards a common goal. A style guide helps different arms of your business to work harmoniously.

Improve the SEO ranking and indexing of your website – If you want to raise search engine ranking, you need consistent content.

How do I get it?

“The best style guides for business.”

“How to create style guides for my brand.”

“Hire style guide designers.”

Whatever you are looking for in a style guide, look no further than us. Your Business Growth is the only team that will understand the goal you have for your business and gives you results.

Avoid downloading and copying from other websites. These will most likely confuse your users.

Contact us today and we will create a befitting style guide for your business. Our developers will do everything possible to plan a style guide that will impress your customers and boost your SEO ranking.

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