Rent A Website

Rent A Website

Do you want to launch a website soon but don’t have all the necessary resources needed to build one?

Furthermore, do you have a short-term goal or cause that you want a website for? Why not rent a website with us?

Although owning a website has become a typical standard in the web-based advertising industry, renting a website is moderately a new idea.

This groundbreaking idea depends on the difficulties that new businesses or SMEs normally face when they first intend to have their site.

Rent A Website

Read on to see how you can take your business online with as little as coffee a day, we will even personalize it for your business.

Your Business Growth has many different types of websites that you can rent today.

What is Rent a website

There are many benefits to renting a website. If you built up your own webpage you will no doubt be liable for the upkeep when something turns out badly.

This is except if you need to pay significantly more cash to have another organization look after your site. In any case, the entirety of this can be evaded by renting an all-around made site. There are numerous extraordinary advantages of leasing a website·

 You will not need to stress over a site you lease becoming dated or going downhill · This short term choice is consistently an added advantage because it allows you to test your business on the web·

Renting a website permits you to zero in on your business because you have more time. Getting a good website isn’t easy and the cost associated with possessing a decent site is generally high for a few reasons which Your Business Growth offers ;

  • 1-page website – your Home Page
  • 12 months FREE Website Hosting on our Super-Fast Hosting in Sydney, Australia
  •  Up to 3 Email Addresses while we host your website
  • Up to 5 different design layouts to choose from and personalized [bespoke frameworks are available as a separate
  • Includes one simple Contact us form which includes name, email, and a comment box
  • Provide 1 x stock photo from our Gallery with more than 20,000,000 high-quality images
  • Addition of your logo that you provide [in a web-ready format and size]
  • Provide a Security Socket Layer (SSL) certificate while we host your website
  • Unmetered Traffic [we don’t restrict the number of people that are going to your website]
  • Automatically save daily backups [while we host your website]
  • Includes up to 5MB of space for both the website and Emails saved on our server
  • Free content delivery network service from Cloudflare
  • Free ultrafast PHP implementation
  • Insert up to 500 words of copy that you provide
  • Insert a hotlink for 1 phone number
  • Insert a hotlink for 1 email address
  • 30-minute initial design meeting
  • 30-minute design review meeting
  • Linking your website to your Google Analytics account
  • Linking your website to your Google Search Console account
  • Linking your website to your Google My Business account
  • Linking your website to your Google Shopping Insights account
  • Linking your website to your Google Drive account
  • Linking your website to your business YouTube account
  • Linking your website to your YouTube Live account
  • Website icons link to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google My Business, Google Maps

 To help us make sure that things go smoothly, you will be allocated a single point of contact in our client care team.

How does it work

Renting a website permits you to zero in on your business because you have more time. Getting a good website isn’t easy and the cost associated with possessing a decent site is generally high for a few reasons ;

  • Enlisting and looking after the domain.
  • Picking and keeping up hosting
  • Adding SSL authentication for security
  • Web composition and advancement
  • Composing advanced content
  • Site upkeep
  • Carrying out the Google Analytics
  • Confirming site with Google
Why should I use it?

The whole cycle from getting a site to keeping up it is normally harrowing and tedious. These two elements time and cash included are the fundamental reasons that generally hold organizations back from getting their own site. This idea of renting a website is very helpful for organizations that are simply firing up and need to make an online presence, however without doing the difficult task of setting up a site and going spending a lot of cash.

All in all, why you need to rent a website? All things considered, the appropriate response is very simple – it bodes well for your business!

No Upfront Costs  – The best advantage of these renting a website option is that there is a little amount of forthright expense. There are no setup costs, most of our competitors will charge you a setup fee but we don’t.

High traffic SEO – Your website’s SEO is for the most part facilitated by us. It’s simple and incredible and effective to keep your business on the map and draw new visitors every day.

If it doesn’t work you can change it – If you feel that the particular website does not work for you, you are free to change things up.

Progressing upkeep and backing

While you work on intriguing your clients, the people you are renting from work on keeping your site in a perfect position.

Results-driven site – By renting a website you get a customized site that is appropriate for your business.

Versatile design plan – With a versatile plan, you can begin little and afterwards redesign later as your prerequisites.

How do I get it?

“Where do I rent a website?”

“I want a short-term website for my business”

“How do I lease a website?”

If you are asking these questions, welcome to Your Business Growth. We are a well-established company with a solid history of providing rent a website service to different clients in Australia and other countries.

There are many pros of renting a website, we take care of different elements like:

  • Domain selection, registration, and maintenance – We help you choose a URL that will help your website to stand out.
  • Hosting and maintaining hosting – When renting a website, we ensure that we assign to you the best host depending on your type of site. I.e. bandwidth, storage, speed, etc.
  • Web design and theme – We also take care of the layout, grids, sidebars, footers, and everything else required in a style guide when starting a website.
  • Content optimization – We will guide you on how to best optimize your site for your preferred market.
  • Configuring google analytics – The rented website will come with a fully configured google analytics so you can keep track of your visitors, site activity, and sales (for eCommerce).

Truth is, building a website consumes time and requires dedication. We are more than happy to rent you a ready-made website, to help you achieve your dream business faster.

All our pages are elegantly composed and the websites have unique writings. Furthermore, there is the choice to purchase some time or another in the event that you at any point decide to buy it.

Companies that rent our sites don’t have to know anything about SEO, facilitating, and so forth. We have taken care of everything. Moreover, we will always customize your site to your liking.

So hurry and contact us today! Our web experts will get with you shortly.

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