Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Anyone who offers goods or services online should have a Terms and Conditions agreement made available to all users. Not only is this a requirement but it also builds credibility and trust in your website’s visitors.

Your Business Growth will help you draft and write a simple-to-understand yet complete Terms and Conditions agreement for your app or site. As a leading digital marketing agency in Australia, we have also served many global clients from different industries.

Terms and Conditions agreements are important for the success and essential protection of your website. They let your users know what to expect and how to use the features on your website.

Writing terms and conditions page can be a tough task for both newbies and experienced website owners. This is due to the many factors that you must consider when drafting a Terms and Conditions agreement.

If you are looking for someone to help you write a Terms and Conditions agreement, welcome to Your Business Growth. We have done this before, a countless number of times for multiple clients. So we are more than ready and able to write an articulate Terms and Conditions agreement for you.

So hurry and contact us today – we will ensure that you have a comprehensive Terms and Conditions agreement.

What is Terms and Conditions

Simply put, we guide and walk you through the standard Terms and Conditions agreement rules. We will show you the important steps needed to make your website or app as user-friendly as possible.

Have you just started a website or app and require a Terms and Conditions agreement?  We would like to help.

The Terms and Conditions agreement is a written agreement between you and the users of your site. This is to control liability, managing the use of features, protecting your IP, and dictating the rules.

We just want to help to make it easier to manage your website or app. One smart decision you can make as a website owner is contacting us to assist with the Terms and Conditions agreement.

Before looking at all the benefits of having a terms and conditions contract,  let us clarify how it works.

How does it work

In simple terms, a terms and conditions page explains what you will offer your visitors and what you expect in return. It is like a set of rules that your visitors must apply or follow whenever they visit yo0ur site or app.

Do you know that a user can sue you because of one clause in your terms and conditions?

 For example:

Your company does not offer refunds. However, you forget to indicate that you don’t have a money refund policy. Then a customer buys something they don’t like and want their money back. By law, they are entitled to suing you because something unexpected happened to them on your site.

A Terms and Conditions agreement is the best way to provide services or products to your customers.  In return for all the services that you offer, your customers will agree or promise to follow all the rules indicated on your site.

There are several factors to consider when creating your terms and conditions page:

  • Where it will be used – Website or App?
  • Additional information about your business – Your site’s URL, name, type of entity
  • Country of operation – Country where your business applies and the state etc.
  • The do’s and don’ts – What provisions do your users have? Can they upload media? Are there any subscriptions? Any further purchase information.
  • Consequences – What happens when a user breaks the rules?

To ensure that your Terms and Conditions agreement is applicable under contract law, there are a few things we must check.

  • Clarity – Your rules must be easy to understand
  • Lawful – It must comply with the law in your jurisdiction
  • Fair – It must contain reasonable demands and consequences
  • Agreed to – All the parties mentioned in the Terms and Conditions agreement must consent to the contract.
Why should I use it?

You must be wondering whether it is a must for you to have a Terms and Conditions agreement on your site or app. The answer is Yes.

Having a terms and conditions page is a smart decision. This is because:

  • It can help you limit the liability of your website or app.
  • You can regulate your users’ behavior and practices on your site.
  • It safeguards your Intellectual Property from plagiarism and trademark issues.
  • You hold all the power of controlling what happens on the site including terminating someone’s account.

There is no written rule on how long your Terms and Conditions agreement should be. It doesn’t have to be ten pages or three pages. The length and contents depend on your type of business.

How do I get it?

“How to write conditional pages.“

“Terms and Conditions agreement samples for my website or app.”

“Benefits of Terms and Conditions agreement on-site or app.”

Your Business Growth will have a draft for you within a short time. Our IT legal team and writers will come up with a valid Terms and Conditions write-up to use on your site or app.

All the Terms and Conditions agreements from us must have several vital clauses including:

  • Introduction
  • Effective date
  • Jurisdiction information
  • A link to the privacy policy
  • Contact details
  • Limitations of liability
  • Disclaimer of warranties
  • User restriction
  • Account termination notice


Now that you understand the reasons for writing a Terms and Conditions agreement, it is time to commence. So hurry and drop us a message. A Legal IT expert will get back to you with further information.

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