Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Before you can launch any website online, you need a cookie policy. This is a user-protection law that you must avail to your visitors every time they visit your site.

There are many internet laws and you must understand them before you put your cookie policy out there. One wrong clause and you have several lawsuits heavy on your back.

That is why you need us – to draft a legal and web-compliant cookie policy that protects both you and your visitors. It is a win-win situation.

Your Business Growth has been doing this for a long time. Our compliance and security teams will create a cookie policy customized for your website.

Stop copy-pasting cookie policies from other websites – it will get you in trouble one day.

Just contact us for a specialized cookie policy for your website and we will take it from there.

What is Cookie Policy

A cookie is a file saved on a user’s device (with their consent), whenever they visit a website.

In simpler terms, this is a simple and very small text file that stores the website’s identity and gives you a special ID. All this, so that the website can know it has been open from your device before. Kind of a way of differentiating new from existing users.

A cookie policy will inform your website’s visitors on what types of cookies they are collecting and how they will be using this information. It is the way to communicate with your users about their data and how it applies to your website.

It is no secret that cookie policies have drawn some attention in the past. While some have championed it, others have claimed it not fit for online business. If you value your visitors you will always ensure that your consumers are conscious of their rights.

This is a legal requirement – you must comply with. So get on the right side of the internet laws with us. Contact us with your cookie policy needs and we will draft one for you.

How does it work

Since the GDPR was instituted, it has become an even more important requirement for website owners to have. The best part of this is that once your customers sign for the first time, they don’t have to do it again unless they have deleted the cookie from their browser.

When curating your cookie policy, there are a few things we will consider:

  • The type of cookies you want to collect – Which cookies are you using on your website? Do you have any third parties on your site that can also collect data? If so, which cookies are they gathering?
  • Design of the cookie policy – You want a simple, elegant yet stunning cookie policy template that will blend with your existing theme. Whether it is a pop-up or a footer. You want an attractive template that will convince your users to consent.

After all, if the user refuses to accept the cookie policy, you can’t track their activities online.

  • Planning your cookie policy content – You can either choose to create a single cookie policy. GDPR compliance regulations push that you must use simple-to-understand and intelligent language.

Therefore, in your cookie we shall add:

  • Type of cookies
  • The details of the data that you track
  • Why you are collecting cookies
  • Duration of the cookies stay on the user’s browser
  • How and where you are sharing the data
  • How to reject the cookies collections on their browser setting.
Why should I use it?

Having a cookie policy is necessary. It is the way you inform all your visitors on what to expect by logging on to your website. You need a beautiful and simple to fathom cookie banner.

In the EU, it is a requirement to provide a cookie policy for your visitors to either consent or refuse. Note that while only the EU has made cookie policies a must-have, availing the policy for your other visitors is a courtesy.

Furthermore, with plugins and integrations on your website, you are likely using tracking technologies like Google Analytics, Hubspot, and Facebook Pixel. So, we recommend that you always have a cookie policy banner to protect your business.

The General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in 2018. Since then, many websites have been fined heavily for lacking a cookie policy.

You are taking care of your visitors by giving them a cookie policy:

  • You are giving them a chance to opt-in or out of any type of cookies on your site.
  • The attractive banner will improve the chances of consenting to the policy.
  • You let your visitors know that they have the option of declining the collection of data.
How do I get it?

If you are looking for someone to help you with a cookie policy, we are here. Your Business Growth has a reliable team of IT legal to guide you through the process.

You might be having a website already but are not aware that you are collecting cookies. So we will scan the website for you and formulate a custom cookie policy for your platform.

Do you want to know more about having a data-compliant site or app? Your Business Growth is here to help!

Contact our team of digital specialists to handle the cookie policy and other aspects like design, integration, marketing, and finance.

Get in touch with us now – an expert will respond to you within minutes.

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