How We Build a Website

All of our websites includes 1 page, 1 x .com.au domain name for 1 year you don’t have you own domain, 1 email address, ssl, hosting, daily back ups, space for up to 500 MB

All of our website start with the following basic inclusion [click here]
  1. We guarantee to have your website working in 5 working days or less*
  2. 1-page website – a Home Page (You can also add more)
  3. A .com.au website address [domain name] for 1 year (unless you have your own already)
  4. Setup hosting
  5. 1 Email Address
  6. Up to 5 designed foundations to choose from which includes initial basic SEO**
  7. Includes one simple Contact us form (name, email, comment box)
  8. Level 1 – On and Off page SEO
  9. 1 x stock photo and 1 x video
  10. Addition of your logo
  11. Supply of security socket layer certificate**
  12. Unmetered Traffic
  13. Your website will be hosted super-fast SSD in Sydney, Australia
  14. On demand backup copies available
  15. Includes 1MB of space for both the website and Emails saved on our server
  16. Copy to be entered by developer when provided
  17. A hot link for 1 phone number
  18. A hot Link for 1 email address
  19. 1 x up to 30 minutes’ revision meeting**
  20. Link to your Google Analytics
  21. Link to your Google Search Console
  22. Link to your Google My Business
  23. Link to your Google Shopping Insights
  24. Link to your Google Drive
  25. Create 1 x master Gmail email address
  26. Connect to your business YouTube account
  27. Link to your YouTube Live account
    • *Paid for and the content and design forms correctly filled out in full and on time

      **Contact us for more information

    To help us to help you, please answer the following 5 simple questions that will take approximately 3 minutes to complete.

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